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Mechanical and Electrical Engineer                        


Apply to:
Monthly salary: Negotiable recruitment number: 3: Welfare negotiable deadline: 2017-12-31


Post responsibility:
1. under the leadership of the production supervisor, responsible for the normal operation and maintenance services of equipment and facilities, including the emergency operation of equipment and facilities operation;
2. responsible for the daily management of equipment department, check the daily equipment operation records, understand the working status of equipment, arrange daily work reasonably;
3. responsible for the quality control of equipment and facilities operation and maintenance, the cost budget and operation documents during the maintenance process, and is responsible for the implementation;
4. responsible for the daily management and assessment of equipment department, personnel safety education and professional knowledge training and technical management and guidance;
5. responsible for planning and purchasing maintenance materials and components;
6. responsible for equipment energy consumption management and energy saving work;
7. prepare emergency response plan for equipment accidents, and organize timely rehearsal;
8. responsible for the plan implementation and record of the equipment maintenance and maintenance, and record the changes in some technical modifications in detail, and keep the records for a long time;
9. responsible for the collection and management of professional and technical data for daily use;
10. strong, weak current equipment, system of normal operation, management, maintenance, repair, maintenance, comprehensive grasp of strong and weak electrical system and its equipment performance and use method;
Job requirements:
1. At least 3 years maintenance and equipment management experience in the field of equipment maintenance;
2 、 familiar with the structure and structure of pressure vessel and rotating equipment, and its failure mode and problem solving method;
3. Good organization and coordination ability.




sales manager


Apply to:
Monthly salary: Negotiable recruitment number: 3: Welfare negotiable deadline: 2017-12-31


Job requirements:
1. Have a deep understanding of marketing, have good market judgment ability and development ability.
2, high level of enthusiasm, good team work spirit.
3. Excellent communication and negotiation ability, strong observation ability and strain ability.
4 、 college degree or above.
Job description:
1, product marketing and sales management.
2, maintain customer relations, do a good job after sale.




Candidates sent to:
Monthly salary: Negotiable recruitment number: 15: Welfare negotiable deadline: 2017-12-31



Job requirements:
1, junior high school education;
2, 50 years of age, limited to the household registration;
3, healthy, can hard-working;
Note: operator without technology, provide professional training and improve the labor protection.
Job description:
Complete the assigned production tasks.




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