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Polysilicon price decline narrowed is expected to hit the bottom

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This week, the domestic polysilicon spot price narrowed, solar energy compact material quotation range in 10.5-11.5 million / ton, average price of 109 thousand and 800 yuan / ton, weekly ring down 3.94%. The first level compact material transaction price range is 10.3-11.5 yuan / ton, the average price is 108 thousand and 500 yuan / ton, and the weekly ring ratio drops by 3.21%. This week the imports of polysilicon mainstream price 12.20-14.50 USD / kg, the average price of $13.42 / kg, than the previous week fell 5.56%; 156mm $0.53-0.61 / polysilicon wafer quote sheet, the average price of $0.545 / week, ring than a drop of 1.8%; 156mm polysilicon battery plate price for 0.77-1.10 yuan / piece of beauty, the average price of 0.848 U.S. dollars / piece. Week dropped 0.47%; crystal silicon solar battery assembly price at $0.30-0.41 / watt, the average price of $0.340 per watt than the previous week decline of 0.29%.

Although polysilicon prices declined this week, but the decline continued to narrow after last week, the recent price as a whole to maintain stability. This week, the domestic polysilicon level dense material mainstream price at 10.5-11.0 yuan / ton, the average price traded mostly by the signing of the order, namely dense material and cauliflower material or mixed material doped together separate transactions, turnover less dense material. This week, the eastern hope polysilicon officially put into production, is expected to take some time to run stable, so the recent polysilicon prices have little impact.

This week, a class of domestic manufacturers reflects the demand warming trend, mainly due to lower inventory, and the Shandong sea, Jiangsu Rongde and other leading companies wafer production capacity gradually restored, coupled with the terminal step grid is speeding up, the downstream demand showing warming trend. Silicon production and operation of normal enterprises, the recent maintenance of normal inventory in about three or four days, in accordance with the current supply and demand relationship, polysilicon prices bottoming out has a certain support


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