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The first quarter of 2017, the theme of ChuangJing technology staff birthday party

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In order to reflect the company's humane management and care for employees, so that the majority of employees truly integrated into the company's family, our company organized the first quarter of the company since the establishment of the theme of birthday party.

 The theme of this birthday party is: employee birthday wish meeting, share the speech, write wishes on the wish card on the Wishing Wall, open your wish card at the second birthday party, and see if the wish is realized.

Let us with gratitude for a March birthday are to offer birthday wishes...... The development of future technology with all the sweat!

By continuously fragrant, we agreed, in the spring, together with laughter and write the most beautiful music.

In March 27th, the birthday party was held as scheduled, and all the employees attended the party. The whole birthday party form is lively and the content is very interesting, so that everyone has a happy and unforgettable birthday party in the joy!

The birthday will begin with you, chairman of longevity sing a birthday song, everybody enthusiasm!

Longevity who wrote beautiful birthday wishes will be your wish to longevity card chairman staff birthday Wishing Wall for you birthday end of birthday cake chairman send gifts, expressing concern for employees, administrative personnel and articles you birthday photo

In the end, as the oldest people congratulate, share the delicious birthday cake.

Happy times are always going fast, and expect the next birthday party.

Congratulations on birthday are Happy birthday here, and congratulate you all in the new year to work smoothly, happiness!


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