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Focus | NPC and CPPCC large coffee PV

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Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council

Keywords: giving priority to the protection of renewable energy

Give priority to the protection of renewable energy power generation network, effectively alleviate the abandoned water, abandoned wind, abandoned light situation. To be eliminated, unfinished coal production capacity more than 50 million kilowatts, to prevent and defuse the risk of overcapacity coal, the coal industry to improve efficiency, to make room for clean energy development. Grasp the mechanism and technical problems, give priority to the protection of renewable energy power generation network, effectively alleviate the abandoned water, abandoned wind, abandoned light situation.

Director Nur Bekri National Energy Bureau

Keywords: new energy consumptive power

Speeding up the construction of peak load capacity of power system. "13th Five-Year" period, to speed up the large-scale pumping station, leading hydropower station, natural gas peak power peaking power quality construction energy, increase both cogeneration units, coal-fired generating units peaking flexibility reform efforts, actively develop energy, improve the peak performance of power system. Expected five years will increase the coal peak capacity of 46 million kilowatts, 17 million kilowatts of pumped storage power station, natural gas peak power station 5 million kilowatts, significantly improve the ability of power system load and consumption of renewable energy.

Adjust and optimize the layout of development. "13th Five-Year" period, the wind power and solar energy development focus shifted from the "Three North" to the East, in a distributed development, local consumption, new wind power installed in the Middle East accounted for 58%; the new solar energy installed in the Middle East accounted for about 56%. At the same time, in order to promote the power channel construction, promote the "Three North" area of renewable energy consumption provinces.

Promoting the reform of power system operation mode. To further promote the reform of power system landing, accelerate the electricity spot market and ancillary service market construction, establish and improve the benefit of renewable energy electricity price and consumptive scheduling mechanism, the gradual implementation of renewable energy quota assessment and green certificate trading mechanism.

By 2020, China's renewable energy grid connected capacity can reach 720 million kilowatts, the capacity of grid connected can reach 36%, the proportion of online power can reach 27%. The East and south of the load center of accommodating wind power and solar power capacity can reach about 35%, close to the world advanced level. At the same time, efforts to "Three North" area abandoned wind rate, abandoned light rate is controlled within 5%, the rest of the region basically do not abandon the wind, not abandon the light.

Nan Cunhui, standing committee member of CPPCC and chairman of CHINT group

Key words: indemnificatory acquisition power station

Implementation of PV security acquisition annual utilization hours

It is suggested that the NDRC and the Energy Bureau strengthen the supervision and assessment of the implementation of the full guaranteed purchase of photovoltaic power generation, and regularly conduct special supervision over the full guaranteed purchase of renewable energy power generation.

Accelerate the introduction of renewable energy power quota management measures. Clearly, the power grid enterprises must give priority to purchase renewable energy, the local government bears the obligation of consumptive quota. The assessment system and reward and punishment system should be established, and relevant measures such as economic punishment should be taken to ensure the implementation of the quota system.

To promote the reform of electricity market, establish a reasonable compensation mechanism through regulating, inter provincial cooperation, depth of thermal power units take part in peak load measures such as power plant, power peaking, overall arrangement plan, give priority to the protection of new energy internet.

Revising land use policy of agricultural and light complementary ground power station

It is suggested that the Ministry of land and resources should issue Guidance Opinions on land use as soon as possible, clear the nature of the land available for PV ground power station, and allow the construction of complementary power generation projects such as garden, water surface, inferior farmland and so on. The project does not occupy the basic farmland, forestry ecological protection red line, does not change the nature of the land, and enhance the three-dimensional and comprehensive development value of the land, according to the management of agricultural land.

Reduction of land use tax for agricultural and light complementary projects

For agricultural light complementary projects, with the yield efficiency index will yield benefits increase without changing the nature of the land use planning for agricultural land, from land use tax.

Suggested that the State Administration of Taxation on the power industry tax exemption according to "land use regulations", the land use tax preferential policy as soon as possible introduction of photovoltaic power plant. For photovoltaic power plants fall into the scope of urban and industrial areas, will be included in the scope of solar panels covering part, only for the booster station, substation, solar plate support part of the "sign", to promote large-scale photovoltaic power generation applications support the better.

Verification and application of domestic equipment supporting high efficiency photovoltaic cells

Suggestions for the Ministry, the national energy board with "energy technology revolution on innovation action roadmap" and "Chinese 2025 energy equipment manufacturing plan" relevant content, develop the domestic high-end equipment support directory, directory of equipment to raise import tariffs, subsidies for the purchase of property reward equipment enterprises.

The Ministry will recommend the efficient HIT battery equipment included in the "first (set) of significant application technology and equipment directory", give the first sets of major equipment of domestic equipment enterprises incentives, subsidies for the purchase of the first sets of equipment enterprises.

A special fund for trial verification of domestic equipment was set up, and capital subsidies for equipment manufacturers and users were verified during the verification phase, which encouraged industrial users to try out domestic equipment and process development.

Chairman Li Hejun, vice chairman of Federation and CPPCC members, hina group

Keywords: clean energy haze governance

Encourage clean energy production and consumption, promote haze governance

Deepening the reform of electric power system. Implementation of the 2015 "opinions on further deepening the reform of the power system", market-oriented means of forced energy structure adjustment, to promote China's energy production and supply more secure, scientific, efficient and clean.

Encourage clean energy production. 


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