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CREVO 2016 year old reunion will be carried out smoothly

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At noon on January 20, 2017 at 11:30, "2016 crevo new year year-end party" in the company cafeteria was kicked off, the company leaders and employees have a joyous gathering, sharing happiness and joy, have a passion for unforgettable happiness.

The following annual meeting is divided into "reward advanced", "leadership speech", "lucky draw", "program interaction", four chapters.

Company general manager and chairman respectively made the annual summary and the new year, in 2016, leaders under the leadership of the company's index achieved our goals at the beginning of the year, the general manager for the company all the king family in this year's efforts and hard fully affirmed, and believe in 2017 we will go better. The 2017 year the emergence of a large number of outstanding landscape, they silently in their respective positions, not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired, contribute to a force for the future development!

Since 2017 is the future technology plant held the first "New Year Gala" program, although not much, but also be able to streamline, brilliant. Especially our staff of one of Xu Eryang's "king song" is the atmosphere to the highest point, under the staff, guests have come up with a mobile phone to record this memorable moment, the last finale song "tomorrow will be better" is to let people have vision and vision we better stay!

How can a small annual meeting this year's lottery, the winning rate of up to 40%, each round draw, all Ping steps, excited to repeatedly check their number is consistent with the selected number! From time to time there was a wave of cheers, and the whole activity was in the sound of laughter.

The glorious 2016 has passed, and the 2017 challenges and opportunities are coming quietly. In the past year, the harvest, the growth, the better 2017 are waiting for us! Let's welcome the new year with a better attitude!


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